PRIST Windscreen Cleaner

Quality Cleaning and Protection for Your Aircraft’s Windscreen

PRIST Windscreen Cleaner delivers the crystal-clear view and ease of maintenance that aviation professionals demand. Specially formulated for use on many types of windscreens, windshields, plastics, glass, metal, and more, our multipurpose formula attacks tough surface grime without harming your surface’s finish.

Tough on Dirt, but Gentle on Everything Else

Most general-purpose cleaners contain harsh solvents and other chemicals that can eventually cause a windscreen or windshield to become hazy and streaked— especially on non-glass surfaces. PRIST Windscreen Cleaner contains no abrasive cleaning agents or propellants. It effectively breaks down and removes stubborn grease and dissolves sticky organic residue from insects and birds. Its fast-acting formulation provides reliable cleaning power with minimal effort. And, it can help prevent the static charge buildup that attracts airborne particles that could scratch surfaces during cleaning.

Easy to Use and Effective

  • Dispenses as an easy-to-see foam
  • Easily defines your work area and leaves no sticky residue
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, propellants or solvents
  • Retards hazing, marring and streaking of surface, especially on non-glass screens
  • Employs an antistatic compound
  • Prevents buildup of static charges, which attract damaging particles that can cause scratching during cleaning

Safe and Effective for Use on all windshields

PRIST Windscreen Cleaner is specifically designed for the aviation industry and works effectively on a variety of surfaces:

  • Stretched acrylic and polycarbonate
  • Coated and uncoated glass
  • Aircraft interiors
  • Goggles and lenses
  • Other plastics, metals, and more!

PRIST Windscreen Cleaner comes in easy to use aerosol cans and 5-gallon pails

  • Case – Twelve 13-oz cans per case
  • 5-gallon pails

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