PRIST TKS De-Icing Fluid Keeps Your Aircraft Safe

Inhibit and Prevent the Formation of Ice on Your Aircraft

A plane’s wings and rear tail are engineered to a precise shape to provide accurate lift for flight. Any change to their shape can cause critical issues during takeoff. The accumulation of snow or ice can change the shape of the wing and tail, disrupting the stream of airflow, hindering the aircraft’s ability to lift. Consequently, de-icing fluids are a necessity, particularly in colder climates.

Preventing Ice Build Up

The TKS Ice Protection System is an ethylene glycol-based fluid that works by mixing with super-cooled water in the cloud, depressing its freezing point to at least the ambient temperature, allowing the mixture to flow off the aircraft without freezing. TKS also protects the area aft of the panels since the fluid flows over the entire chord of the protected surfaces.

De-Ice and Anti-Ice Protection Post Takeoff

TKS works not only for de-icing an aircraft but helps prevent icing post takeoff. When ice accumulates on the leading edges of the surface of the wings or tail, the antifreeze solution chemically breaks down the bond between the ice and airframe, allowing the aerodynamic forces on the ice to carry it away, clearing the airframe of accumulated ice before transitioning to anti-ice protection.

PRIST TKS, Trusted Anti-Ice Protection

  • Dispersion of fluid throughout the aircraft surfaces
  • Works with “weeping wing” systems that typically provides greater airframe protection than booted or thermal systems
  • Only one moving part, reducing maintenance demands and increasing reliability
  • AL-5 DTD406B compliant

PRIST TKS is available in 2.5-gallon bottles

  • Each case contains two 2.5-gallon bottles.

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